Salam sejahtera,

Blog ini ialah blog peribadi.  Apa-apa cerita yang ada dalam blog ini adalah berdasarkan pengalaman pemilik blog sendiri.  Dilarang menyiar semula apa-apa cerita dan gambar-gambar tanpa kebenaran pemilik blog.

Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca.


Hello there,

This blog is a personal blog.

Hai, this is a personal blog. Most of the contents covers personal issues and many hobbies. I love to try many tips and tricks in everyday life activities. Money savings is part of it. Always trying to achieve a stress free life, but that is 100% impossible.

All stories written and pictures taken are based from the owner’s personal experience.  Therefore, no part of this blog can be reproduced without the owner’s permission.


Thank you.

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