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Salam September,

Cepatnya masa berlalu tahun ni……


For the record, i have not been updating this blog for three months. The main reason is, i have been enjoying my own personal ‘space’ which i cannot believe this moment eventually came. I prayed so hard for this to come.

While having my own personal ‘space’, instead of catching up whatever ‘i have to do in my life’ mostly chores, i actually DID NOTHING. I just relax and relax until i feel ‘the energy’ inside me is neutral.

I tried to ‘detox’ both my mental and physical situation, mostly the mental situation as much as i could. I am not a psychopath.


I analysed my own personal life being a wife, mother and myself. I asked myself what i have missed or have i done good enough.

Well, as for me and being me, the conclusion is, i don’t really care… Mungkin setakat cukup syarat atau ada yang kurang syarat tapi saya akan cuba perbaiki.

If i feel i have done enough on something, i am happy and ok about it. For me, as a mature adult, you have the responsibility to take care of yourself too. Nak berhempas pulas pun kena ada motif yang jelas. Ni pendapat saya, tak perlu nak ikut, ye. Lain orang lain perjalanan, jadi kena ikut kekuatan diri sendiri. Kalau tak mampu nak capai sesuatu tahap, mungkin kena fix something somewhere dulu.


Whatever comes in this life, i akan hadap secara bijaksana sendiri. Lain orang lain cara. Of course kena ikut batas2 dan kesesuaian keadaan.


Till then, appreciate yourself a lot…


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