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Have you been caught up in a situation whereby, you don’t really need something to bother you but that something is around you. Sooner or later you have to deal with it, whether you will like it or not. Otherwise, that something will accumulate and suffocate you slowly.

As for me, i have clothes that i have been accumulated consciously and unconsciously over the years and i still keep my old working office clothes which, for the current situation, have no purpose. I thought i might use them again anytime when it is necessary.

Another group of things that bothers me now, believe it or not are the 5 sen and 10 sen coins.

These coins, together with other coins, the 20 sen and 50 sen, have been accumulating in the coin containers and other places.

Depending on your current lifestyle, the coins may or may not be handy.

Coins are very useful for school children, small traders, in the food courts, at restaurants around your neighbourhood and for people who ride the buses and trains.

As we are progressing towards the cashless payments, having accumulated coins can be less important. The reasons can include:

  • They cannot be use at the tolls for payments (unless you want to add value for the Touch and Go card).
  • I have started using debit card and credit card when buying groceries and paying for online shopping.
  • If your normal mode of transportation is by car or motorbike instead of public transport.
  • You have started to bring home-cooked food to office or school.
  • People pay monthly lump sum parking and public transportation fees.


Many, many years ago, there was the quite useless 1 sen coins which i hope many of us did managed to accumulate them and deposited the coins to the banks before it was stopped circulating in the Malaysia’s monetary system.

2017-01-10 09.41.46-1

So, i already sorted the coins accordingly. The 50 sen and 20 sen coins can be very handy and easy to use. However, the 10 sen and especially the 5 sen coins can be unproductive and annoying if you don’t make full use of them.

By the way, i am not interested to bank-in the sorted coins to the banks. My previous experiences of carrying around the heavy accumulated coins to the banks usually received unfriendly and unwilling faces from the banks’ staff.


Their faces will be very cheerful if you are a business owner and you are the regular customer with the banks. I’ve seen these situations right in front of me.

At one time, i was asked to leave my nicely sorted coins at the counter together with the deposit’s form. There were too few customers at that time. Usually, my accumulated coins will be just around RM200-RM300. The coins were already sorted and they just need to be recount using machines and yet the small transaction can seems to cause them to be overworked.

So for now, after i already sorted the above coins, my solutions to make use of them and also to avoid more accumulation are:

  • Exchange the 20 sen and 50 sen coins to ringgit notes with my family members. They can use the coins at food courts and make parking payments.
  • I want to dedicate a small purse just for the 5 sen and 10 sen coins and use them when necessary.

2017-01-10 09.45.13

  • I feel the most effective way (if you are driving/riding), is to make use of the coins for parking payments at parking machines or counters (preferably when there is no queue).

So, do you sort your coins regularly or even daily?

Well, i did, when i was in school.


Happy New Year!

Selamat Tahun Baru!

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