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I don’t have a lot of time to do window shopping these days. In fact, for me now, window shopping activity is a waste of my time since i have a lot of stuff in life that i have to catch up with. Hence, i am open to impulsive buying situation and try not to feel guilty doing it.

I’ve created reasons (excuses) for my impulsive purchase just in case i am caught with the situation at anytime and anywhere. The reasons are:
… The product i see is rare. I don’t have any similar item at home.
… The product will be used daily and i definitely will utilised it immediately or sooner.
… I might not be coming back to that particular shop.
… I will not go to the supermarket or the mall for a few days, meaning, the discounts/good offers might not be available on my next trip.





This include everything from shoes/sandals/slippers/sneakers etc. Usually, i want to buy them for my daily usage.
What happened was, i was not always successful in getting the right size with the right design despite the reasonable price especially during sales events. I always get caught wasted my time to try on the varieties of footwear. Although the retailers are giving discounts, most of the time when i have decided to buy, they claimed the shoes’s size i want is not available and i hate when they mention “this is the last pair”.
So now, i will just make a purchase if the shoes is available right in front of me and especially if they have stocks. Not so long ago, i went inside a shoes store and saw something which i can wear almost everyday, a black sandal. I like the design and it was reasonably priced despite no discount. I tried it on, new stocks was available and i made the purchase!

A few months ago, i went to Mitsui Outlet Park, Sepang and i saw a beautiful red sneakers which a retailer was selling in conjunction with the F1 Grand Prix. I wore the display sneakers and at the same time, i asked the sales guy if there is a new stock for the size i want. Surprisingly (yes, surprisingly), there is a brand new stock for the sneakers. I was not interested to think “i’ll find this red sneakers in KL”. After doing an inspection on the new shoes, i quickly decided to proceed on the purchase.


Tops and dresses

Fyi, my worst impulse buying are on tops and dresses. I’ve made a lot of mistakes before just because i refused to try on the clothes and just go straight to the counter to make payments. If you buy basic clothing which are to be worn inside the house, this should not be an issue (unless you are a princess).
The main concern should be the attire that you gonna wear outside the house whether for work or socialising.
After my many bad experiences on buying the wrong clothes, whether i like it or not, i will make the effort to try on the clothes first before deciding if i want to purchase it or not. In my case, if i don’t try on the clothing and i straight away make the impulse purchase, then wear them at home, it usually turn out to be ugly on me. 99.9% of the time!
Surprisingly, even if the design look simple, it could be wrong and ugly on my body.
Now, i force my kids to put on the new clothes before buying even if we feel the design look nice. Otherwise, we simply buy them, took home and wear, then realised the clothes do not look good on the body.
*Impulse buying on clothing is still possible but i MUST try on the clothes first.


Pants and jeans

I experienced the same scenario just like the tops and dresses. Although the pants and jeans are usually fit, the designs i chose are probably not suitable with my overall personality after i wore them at home instead of trying to wear them first in the fitting room at the shop.

I also like to buy long skirts these days. For me, skirt is a general clothing item. The only major issue is to match it correctly with the tops (blouses).
Somehow, i took the risk when buying long skirts whereby, i am usually too lazy to try them on too. For this item, i just remind myself not to buy the expanding ones. The ones that will reshape like a balloon when the wind blows. It does not suit me and i don’t like it anyway.
Nicely designed skirt with a reasonable price is hard to come by. It could be very expensive for me and i am usually not interested to pay a certain amount. So at anytime if i saw one with a reasonable price, i usually don’t hesitate to buy as long as i have some money to spare.

Not too long ago, while searching for my kids’ costumes for a function, i stumbled upon a nice looking lacy skirt. I had to pay RM89 if i want it. The M size was available on the display, i like the design AND i did not try it on.

You know what, after the sales lady tried to find a new stock, she told me there is none and it was the only piece available. I was not surprised at all! This situation is very common.
I purchased the display skirt anyway because it looked new. The skirt has lining and i feel the quality is good.


Another of my non-guilt impulse buying where necessary.
This happened a few months back in a mall while i was passing by a few shops. I saw the retailers were having buy 2 free 1 or buy 3 free 2 on selected items. The promotions were for shower products. Without the promotions, the normal price is very expensive.
I definitely did not mind making the impulse purchase. It was worth the time and effort.


Home cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, hand soaps, clothes detergent, etc.

Sometimes the supermarket will give good price if you buy 2 units of the same item.
If i am at the supermarket, i usually take advantage on this.


My impulse purchase also happens on food items such as fruits. I hardly buy expensive imported fruits. Most of the time, i will buy them only if they are cheaper and abundance on the shelves.


♥ ♥ ♥

So, those are my non-guilt and necessary impulse purchase. 

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