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I want to re-establish my skincare routines. My skin has lost it’s glow. I can’t remember when was the last time i had a regular and consistent routine of cleaning my face properly. Thanks to my improved time management, i can now resume.

I am not a hoarder of skincare products or even make-ups and i can easily avoid anyone who is trying to sell me those products. It is funny that i can avoid buying products that can expire and also perishable BUT then, i might be a hoarder on other things. If you try to sell me clothes or home stuff, i have weakness to say no.


First, i need to get rid of the old clutters. I do like to try different brands of skincare products. I just finished up the innisfree and SK-II products range and it was quite certain that i was going to restock the innisfree products.

2017-06-01 15.01.00

Here i had the facial wash, toner, scrub and mask. The routine usually stops here.

If i go out, i will just put on some face powder and lipstick. That’s it!

2017-06-01 15.03.24

If i want to restock the SK-II products, i have to pay an exorbitant price and have to use the product religiously until finish. I might use this brand again later because right now i am not sure if i want to spend a lot on this brand. Next time, i want to spend on these items:

Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser RM249

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion RM264

Treatment Essence Pitera RM229


What happened was, i wanted to try an exfoliator and when i browsed the Sephora website (where else, right?) and wow, there is a long list of exfoliators available. The problem is, i am always nervous to spend hundreds on just one particular product and i still need to buy other products too.

Then, i decided to check out The Body Shop website and yes, they do have exfoliator.

Here’s the main issue. I will get stuck after cleansing, toning, scrubbing and masking. I don’t know what is the best item to use after toning and masking. Actually, the feeling is, after those steps, i don’t feel like applying anything on my skin because i feel my face is already clean and fresh. What i like so far is to apply the SK-II Treatment Essence. I love the miracle water.


Before i continue, let me highlight a very important issue. We already know about the dangers of mercury and hydroquinone that could be mix into the cosmetic products. I pity those people affected in local MLM cosmetic products business whose brands have been highlighted in the media and caused them bad image. Well, they are just selling the products, right and i feel it is the manufacturers responsibility to produce safe products.

So, i was also looking for information about the difference between scrub and exfoliator. Most opinions mentioned they both work the same but i am not so sure if it is true.

This is when something appear: MICROBEADS

According to the definition and various sources, it is non-biodegradable tiny plastic particles found in most skincare products which include face skincare, body wash and toothpaste. Due to its nature, what happen is, when we use products that contain microbeads, we are actually using tiny plastics to clean our skin. Are you ok with this?

The main issue is, those tiny plastics will be washed down until they reach the ocean and later eaten by marine life. There are a lot more details about this issue and i urge you to read about it.


Back to my story,

Long time ago, i like to use moisturiser after completing the cleaning routines. However, after spending on different brands, i noticed my face looks unusually shiny. The worst thing, people around me noticed this and will asked me about why my face is shiny. After that, i quit buying any moisturiser. Another problem is, i also don’t like to put on any other cream or sun block which explains the pigmentations that have been growing. So my skincare routines need to be serious.

So, if moisturiser does not work on my skin and i don’t like to use any other cream or sun block, what are other products i can use? And just forget about the night cream.

One product that i am always addicted to is face mask. I usually hate to put anything on after masking, because i don’t want to spoil the fresh feeling skin.

So, since i will be buying the exfoliator from The Body Shop, of course it is better for me to buy other products there as well. After browsing the products details’, i ended up visiting the store instead of buying them online. The good thing was, i already decided what i want to get. When i reached the store, i showed the list of products to the staff. I did wanted to go to their stores because they are conveniently located at mostly all main shopping malls.

2017-06-01 14.50.15

Here are the cleanser, exfoliator, mask and skin defence.


By the way, if you have serious pimples and other skin problems, you cannot use scrub or exfoliator. I did not buy a toner because i might skip this step. Since i won’t be buying any moisturiser, i had two options to so-called defend my skin. At first, i wanted to choose one product from the Vitamin C range. After being convinced by the sales person, i bought the Skin Defence.

Since i have exfoliator and mask, how to use them effectively in a week?

Should i exfoliate twice a week and put on the mask once a week OR

Exfoliate once a week and put on the mask twice a week OR

Put on the mask twice a week and exfoliate twice a week as well.

When i began to apply the exfoliator, i do notice the texture is a lot smaller than any scrub products that i have used before and less harsh while using it.


So, those are my very basic skincare routines. My target now is to finish up what ever skincare products i buy till the last drop.


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